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About PrivateWeb

PrivateWeb is a privacy service that we provide to domain name owners.

Why PrivateWeb?

When buying a domain name you have to provide accurate contact information or else your domain registration could be terminated as it would be in violation of the registration agreement.

This information has to be made publicly available to everyone via the public WHOIS database as required by ICANN, the international governing body for domain names. Everyday, this valuable source of accurate contact information is targeted and harvested by spammers and telemarketers resulting in unwanted and unsolicited contact. Also since your contact information is public, you are at risk for identity theft and fraud and of being contacted by harassers and stalkers.

PrivateWeb ensures that your private information is not published, by replacing all your publicly visible contact details with alternate contact information.

How can I protect the privacy of my website?

1. If your registar is one of our partners, simply request the privacy protection service. Our information will be entered in place of your information. This service is free.

2. If your registrar is NOT one of our partners and you still want our services, there is a small fee. With payment, you will be able to register your information with us. Then you have permission to enter our information with your registrar. Anyone who attempts to contact you will only be able to contact us, and we will forward any messages.

3. Some registars do not allow privacy protection services. In these cases, you can enter a trust relationship with us, and we will be the legal owner of your website, allowing you to truthfully use our contact information. You will remain the beneficial owner, and we have a fiduciary responsibility to return your website whenever you wish to terminate the trust relationship.


With your registration and payment we will send you our contact information for completing your domain registration.

Anyone who tries to contact you using the alternate email address or phone number provided in the public WHOIS database will be directed to an Online Contact Form which will in turn email the message to you. All mails sent to the alternate mailing address will be rejected.